Review of EPSRC support for Doctoral Education

EPSRC is looking to collect evidence that can be used to develop recommendations for which outcomes in terms of knowledge, experience and skills should be supported through EPSRC doctoral training investments.

EPSRC is looking for published evidence that is based on experience, evaluation and impact. This evidence can be both peer reviewed literature and other ‘grey’ literature sources such as reports.

The evidence must be relevant to at least one area of the review and you will be asked to select the area when submitting the evidence.

The five areas of the review are:

  • The value of doctoral education: to the individual and their career, to the research landscape and to employers
  • Skills and experiences: what skills and experiences should be provided by a doctorate
  • Student population: how to enable a more diverse student population, including increased mobility between academia and industry
  • How the doctorate is provided: including different qualifications, ways of providing the doctoral experience and how support is provided.
  • Ways of identifying, developing and responding to strategic priorities: how can the landscape respond to changing directions and needs.

You will need to submit each item of evidence separately. You will be asked to provide the following:

  • The area of the review the evidence is most relevant to
  • The format of the evidence
  • A brief summary of the evidence source
  • The reference details
  • A link to and or a copy of the evidence source.

Any evidence submitted will be shared with members of EPSRCs Strategic Advisory Network and Council and others who require it for the purpose of completing the review. It may also be made public during the course of the review.

Submit evidence via SurveyMonkey.

Questions should be sent to Any evidence submitted by email will be not be used.