Opportunities for international students

EPSRC provides funding for doctoral training in engineering and the physical sciences through the following training grants to Research Organisations: Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs), Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) and Industrial CASE (ICASE). A Research Organisation that holds a training grant will manage the recruitment and selection of the students who will be funded by that training grant.

For information on eligibility and how to apply, a prospective students must contact the relevant university. Information on the Research Organisations that hold EPSRC training grants is available from Grants on the Web and Gateway to Research.

For the majority of EPSRC funding for doctoral training, the eligibility requirements outlined in the terms and conditions of training grants apply. 

EPSRC has provided some, limited, flexibility regarding these eligibility requirements, to attract the very best international students to train with leading research teams in the UK, to increase our global presence and influence.

EPSRC allows universities to offer up to 10% of the new studentships in any one year with open eligibility to support the very best students. There is typically strong competition within universities to make use of this flexibility. If you want to apply for a doctoral studentship and want to know whether the flexibility might be available for you, you must contact the university that is advertising the studentship. There is no route for prospective students to apply to EPSRC for a studentship.

The flexibility regarding eligibility for up to 10% of the new students starting in any one year will apply to the following EPSRC training grants: Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP); Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT); and Industrial CASE awards (ICASE).