EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP)

EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnerships fund doctoral training in UK Research Organisations. They are flexible awards to support doctoral training in any areas of engineering and the physical sciences with relevance to the EPSRC remit (information on this is available, please see: EPSRC remit).

The terms and conditions of training grants provide the framework for EPSRC DTPs and are available from the UK Research and Innovation website along with the UK Research and Innovation Training Grant Guide.

EPSRC DTPs represent significant investments in doctoral training. The funding is allocated to UK universities by means of an algorithm and for DTPs starting from 2016, the following arrangements apply:

  • DTP funding is allocated every other year (for example, the DTPs starting in 2016 are for students starting in both 2016/17 and 2017/18 academic years).
  • The algorithm is based on a comprehensive profile of EPSRC research grants and fellowships. Other training grants (CDTs, previous DTPs and Industrial CASE) remain outside the calculation. Large capital and institutional awards, such as Impact Acceleration Accounts, are also excluded.
  • Universities in receipt of a DTP determine the distribution of this studentship funding within the university. They may make use of flexibility in DTP funding to support Vacation Bursaries and Doctoral Prizes.
  • For the large majority of EPSRC funding, the eligibility requirements in the terms and conditions of training grants apply. EPSRC DTPs also provide some flexibility regarding eligibility, to support the very best students - see the 'Opportunities for international students' for more information.

The university holding a DTP manages the advertisement of opportunities and recruitment to studentships funded through the DTP. Any students interested in EPSRC-funded studentships may wish to check information available on DTPs to the university at which they wish to study and should ask the relevant university about how to apply, eligibility, and so on. There is no route for prospective students to apply to EPSRC for a studentship.