Industrial doctoral centres

Industrial Doctorate Centres (IDCs) are a subset of EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs). These user-oriented Centres provide the same training environment and features as CDTs whilst also incorporating a strong industrial focus.

IDCs are an evolution of the Engineering Doctorates Centres (EngD) scheme operated by EPSRC since 1992. As part of substantial expansion of the CDT scheme, in 2009 EPSRC decided to both expand the scope of the previous EngD scheme (to cover the entire remit of EPSRC) and to seek to refresh the portfolio of Centres being supported (to allow new priority areas to be identified and supported - in energy for example). Thus, the cohort of 19 IDCs represents a mixture of new Centres and continuations (albeit in an evolved form) of a number of EngD Centres.