EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantitative NDE

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Organisation: Imperial College London
Partner Organisation: University of Bristol
Partner Organisation: University of Manchester
Partner Organisation: University of Nottingham
Partner Organisation: University of Strathclyde
Partner Organisation: University of Warwick
Tags: CDT, Imperial College London
Related theme: Engineering

NDE employs sensing and imaging technology to assess structure and component integrity through detection and characterisation of defects, damage and material properties. It is a key technology underpinning the safe and sustainable future of a broad cross-section of UK industry. The Centre is led by Imperial College and includes the Universities of Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, Strathclyde and Warwick, with industrial support from both large end-users and SMEs. Research will be focused around the growing need for quantitative methods to convert NDE data into decision-making information to meet longer term engineering challenges for sectors including power generation, oil & gas, aerospace, defence and high value manufacturing.