EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Technology

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Organisation: University of Cambridge
Tags: CDT, University of Cambridge
Related theme: Manufacturing the future

Graphene is the first of a new class of materials with huge potential for applications, including hundreds of other two-dimensional crystals, hetero-structures based on these crystals, and their hybrids with other nanomaterials. A key step to advance their commercial viability is to harness the emerging capability in technology - including novel applications and production technologies. Skilled people are the most important ingredient for the successful implementation of this vision. This requires a specific programme to train PhD students in technology of graphene and related materials. To enable this, fundamental research challenges in the materials chemistry and device physics also need to be addressed. This includes the need for more scalable growth/synthesis techniques, procedures for controlling hetero-interfaces between graphene and other two-dimensional materials as well as better understanding of, for example, the electronic structure of heterojunction devices and the role that graphene plays in various charge storage mechanisms. This CDT will strengthen the essential cross-disciplinary collaborations, develop new research activities and increase impact, by providing a set of transferable skills and wide know-how, not limited to the materials, but spanning the state of the art in flexible and wearable electronics, photonics, energy storage, RF systems, etc.