In today's world, statistics is becoming ever more important to manage, analyse and extract value from the increasing amount of data and information available across all areas of science and society. This priority area focuses on the development of new statistical theoretical or methodological techniques. These will be motivated by an array of applications in the sciences, industry, business and government but the core focus of proposals should be on the development of novel statistical techniques.

PhD graduates in statistics are highly sought after both in the public and private sector. Industry find it challenging to recruit candidates in statistics with the combination of high quality of technical ability with the communication skills, team working confidence and other competencies to apply that technical ability in a business context.

The cohort created by a Centre for Doctoral Training(CDT) is particularly suitable for statistics which is a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary subject. Moreover, the added training in transferable skills such as communicating with experts in other areas and team working is invaluable

Proposals in this area should cover a breadth of training, involving development of statistical theory and methodology, with links to the applications which inspire these advances.