Whatever the shape of the future energy landscape in the UK nuclear energy will be a part of the mix, either through new build or through the legacy nuclear plants and their remaining operation and eventual decommission. Having an appropriate supply of people in this area is critical to ensuring future capability. There is a recognised skills need in this area. The Nuclear fission priority area covers waste clean-up and management, plant decommissioning and clean up, regulation, public acceptability, existing operations, new nuclear build, advanced reactor technology, the fuel cycle, plant life extension, and naval nuclear propulsion.

Proposals in this priority area are invited for focused centres covering nuclear energy research only and are expected to include a high level of industry involvement. It is up to the applicant to justify the level of industry involvement in their proposal. In order to link excellence in training with excellence in research, proposals should link with the work being done by the nuclear champion and provide details as to how they propose to do this.

Any centre and its students are also expected to network with others addressing the energy challenge through the energy Centres for Doctoral Training network, appropriate resources should be requested to enable this.