Novel and efficient chemical synthesis

Research and training in Novel and efficient chemical synthesis encompasses the synthesis of chemicals from small organic molecules and co-ordination complexes to analogues of proteins and molecular machines. Researchers with skills in this area are important to a range of industry sectors and to aid in tackling a number of grand challenges including the EPSRC Physical science Grand Challenges - Dial-A-Molecule: 100% Efficient Synthesis, Directed Assembly of Extended Structures with Targeted Properties and Utilising Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Synthesis and Transforming the Chemicals Industry.

Industry interest includes the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors and companies working in personal care products, petrochemicals and agrochemicals. This is also an area where there are a growing number of Societies of Mechanical Engineers looking for employees with skills in synthesis.

EPSRC considers there to be scope to support high quality centres in this area but would also expect to see training in these skills integrated with other priority areas, for example in Catalysis and New physical sciences for biology and healthcare. We would expect proposals to have strong links to and support from industry.