Next generation interaction technologies

The increasing complexity of Information and Communications Technology systems, coupled with the emergence of new multimodal interaction technologies, is fundamentally changing the way we interact with digital systems. Users are expecting and demanding more from digital technology and digitally augmented experiences. Realising the full potential of these technologies will require determining how they can be most effectively used by individuals, society, Government and business. This priority focuses on the user-led design and co-creative development of new digital systems and their socio-economic benefits.

The breadth of this priority could be addressed by proposals linked closely to 'real world' issues. For example, digital technologies that facilitate behavioural changes to achieve healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, how we interact with government via services or new business opportunities. Challenges exist in the Internet of Things, and exploring how people interact with devices and the built environment.

Any proposal addressing this priority will aim to create a cohort of cross-disciplinary researchers with expertise at the interface of computer science, the social sciences and design. Any proposal should also address ethical and regulatory issues resulting from research in this area and its potential outcomes.