Measurement and sensing

Training and research in Measurement and sensing is central to and underpinning of most areas of Physical sciences and is vital to a wide and diverse range of industry including companies of all sizes from multinationals to Societies of Mechanical Engineers enabling them to sustain and improve national capability. Measurement and Sensing is a rapidly evolving and diverse area encompassing all the physical science techniques for measurement and sensing from quantum level upwards. It is also a cross-cutting and emerging area of technology which includes micro-scale imaging for materials, optical and magnetic imaging, metrology, instrument development, nanotechnology and both qualitative and quantitative chemical characterisation and analysis (such as x-ray imaging), robotics sensing and imaging through to security systems and crime fighting technologies. Measurement and Sensing technology can also be of use in cultural and arts research such as archaeology. This area dovetails with Medical Imaging.

Measurement and sensing research and training may be included in proposals in other areas of Physical sciences.

This area will address gaps identified by stakeholders in areas such as: innovative physical measurement, sensors, physical organic chemistry and reaction dynamics, materials/ metrology, sensing and imaging, advanced instrumentation for the 21st century, optical imaging, sensing, imaging and characterisation and modelling.