New mathematics in biology and medicine

Advanced mathematics is vital for developing quantitative and theoretical approaches in biology and medicine. Similarly, advances in biological and medical sciences inspire development of new mathematical techniques. During the last few years there has been a significant drive to integrate quantitative scientists into the biological and medical sciences, and there is a current shortage and an increasing demand for skilled researchers for academia and industry.

Examples of mathematical techniques that are vital for biology or medicine include advanced modelling, computational simulation and statistical/quantitative analysis of increasingly large and complex datasets; however, all areas of mathematical sciences have a role to play and could fall within this priority area. Biological and medical science application areas include genetics and genomics, systems biology and medicine, agriculture, plant sciences, cell and molecular biology, animal sciences, population studies and e-health research (life sciences).

Proposals will take a truly coherent and integrative approach, providing PhD students with the necessary flexibility, creativity and knowledge to allow them to bring together and develop both advances in mathematical theory and application to challenging, contemporary life science research problems. The choice of mathematical and application areas must be clearly explained and justified. Graduates will be exposed to a variety of interfaces, spanning traditional barriers. For example, across disciplines; linking theory, discovery, translation and innovation; and, where appropriate, with industry, NHS or regulators.

This priority area is of interest to both BBSRC and MRC, and BBSRC and MRC co-funding is available if appropriate.