Lightweight systems

This theme is key for the Manufacturing the Future priorities, dominated by the development and application of Advanced materials systems (such as Composites, metals) in Manufacturing and is summarised as including:

  • Composites manufacturing
  • Light alloys processing and fabrication
  • Multiple-material approaches to lightweight systems
  • Net shape manufacturing
  • The challenges associated with composites (such as high volume manufacturing of composites, manufacture of large structures, sustainable manufacture of composites, sustainable use of composites, new types of composites)
  • Fibre reinforced polymer composites
  • Fast cycle time composites
  • Development of new materials for manufacturing

Proposals should have significant input and support from industry that cuts across sectors. Proposals in this area may link to the Priority areas for Innovative Production Technologies where appropriate, driven by a multidisciplinary approach and a Manufacturing need. Proposals should provide the breadth and depth of knowledge needed in the various sectors that these areas feed into and support from major industrial stakeholders should reflect this.