Integrative technologies

Integrative technologies is the synthesis of research in photonics and electronics, focusing upon devices, circuits, and systems; including communications. These enabling technologies for the application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) find principal impact in the electronics and communications sectors, and have relevance to manufacturing. Development of mixed technology platforms via integration of components (and the materials from which they are made) across these fields is key to the advancement of ICT systems.

The growing need for integrative technologies and a systems approach highlights the benefits of greater interaction between these fields. Any proposal addressing this priority should look to develop this theme and, where appropriate, pull through areas of the physical sciences to a more applied stage.

The full breadth of this priority should be addressed by proposals whether the focus is solely upon this priority, or in combination with others. We are looking to support training that provides both the breadth and depth of knowledge needed in the sectors that this area feeds into. Proposals should have significant advice and support from major industrial stakeholders to reflect this.