Innovative production processes

This theme is the fundamental area for the core disciplines within the Manufacturing the Future priorities, incorporating the science and engineering research into the technologies used for both discrete and continuous manufacturing processes and challenges, and is summarised as including:

  • Additive layer manufacturing
  • Directed assembly
  • Forging and forming
  • Joining technologies
  • Metrology for manufacturing systems
  • Net shape and near net shape manufacturing
  • Novel, high speed machining
  • Novel production technologies
  • Plastic and printable electronics
  • Scale-up technologies for the process industries (including pharma)

Proposals should cover one of the different sub-themes, driven by a multidisciplinary approach and a manufacturing need. Any proposal in this area should have a significant input and support from industry that cuts across sectors. Proposals should provide the breadth and depth of knowledge needed in the various sectors that these areas feed into and support from major industrial stakeholders should reflect this.