ICT for manufacturing

Manufacturing is being revolutionised through the application of information and communication technologies. For example, processes can be optimised through advancements in software architectures integrated with novel sensors or devices, knowledge management, visualisation and modelling.

As advanced manufacturing is intelligent, networked and knowledge intensive, any proposal addressing this priority should aim to produce individuals with both a broad awareness of the relevant challenges, and with deep technical knowledge of areas in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This will enable them to recognise where ICT solutions could bring benefit. Distributed manufacturing and cloud services, for example, involve rapid uptake of ICT by the manufacturing sector. However, the impact of this application is being stalled by the demand for individuals who are able to apply the specialist knowledge and software development skills required.

ICT applied to manufacturing often requires integration of both hardware and software to create effective solutions or advances. Any proposal addressing this priority should show how it will provide opportunities for individuals to gain the depth of knowledge required to provide whole system improvements.