High performance embedded and distributed systems

The demand for increasing computational power continues to drive the development of novel, safe and reliable, architectures. As computing technology becomes more embedded and pervasive this demand is matched, both in academia and industry, by a need for people with the ability to understand whole system (or cross-layer) challenges, and communicate with researchers in adjacent fields.

Full exploitation of these systems is challenged by issues such as heterogeneity, concurrency and energy consumption. The development of truly optimised systems whether referring to energy, reliability, or performance, requires effective integration across the stack. Cyber physical systems (which contain physical, and predominantly analogue, elements) also require successful integration with computing and are becoming increasingly important.

Proposals addressing this priority should provide cross-disciplinary training that enables people to effectively integrate across the hardware and software elements of systems; from the physical layer through the embedded and application software, and network protocols. Students should develop a deep knowledge of their own specialism while having an understanding and appreciation of the challenges encountered across the system stack. Proposals should address all aspects of this priority whether the focus is solely upon this priority, or in combination with others, and have an appropriate degree of support and advice from industry.