Future industrial systems

This theme focuses on systems engineering aspects of manufacturing and the systems, including design research, approach required to realise this and is summarised as including:

  • Design and optimise new manufacturing processes
  • Systems modelling and simulation
    • De-risk, scale-up
    • How to avoid prototyping
    • '100% real' simulation
    • Multi domain modelling for manufacturing systems
  • Sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices
    • Evolving systems for efficient manufacturing
    • Industrial Ecology

Research on business models and the social sciences can make a useful contribution to this theme but should not dominate the research agenda of any proposed centre.

Proposals should be driven by a multidisciplinary approach and a Manufacturing need and should have a significant input and support from industry that cuts across sectors. Proposals should provide the breadth and depth of knowledge needed in the various sectors that these areas feed into and support from major industrial stakeholders should reflect this.