Engineering sciences

This priority area focuses on the integration of core research skills at the interfaces between engineering, computing and mathematics. Bringing together different concepts and methodologies across these disciplines, within a training environment, will help to underpin new approaches to solving engineering problems of the future.

The opportunity exists to draw together insights from areas such as novel computational methods, mathematical modelling, design, control systems and engineering dynamics. A key aim is to build a cohort of trained people within a multidisciplinary environment to develop the core skills needed to apply mathematical techniques and understanding across a range of real-world engineering applications. Over time this will have the potential to drive innovation in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, aerospace and the life sciences. While the priority area is deliberately described in broad terms, applicants must identify how a focus will be created, for instance through core Engineering mathematics or Computational engineering, and by drawing on relevant application domains.

Given the focus on fundamental principles and enabling technologies, industrial engagement is not mandatory but is encouraged, where appropriate.

This area is linked to many of the other priority areas hence why specific links to other priority areas have not been highlighted.