Data to knowledge

The rapidly increasing scale, complexity and diversity of data generated by modern technologies, combined with the increased accessibility to data provided by open-data initiatives, has the potential to provide wide-ranging societal and economic benefits. Creating value from raw data to create new knowledge requires the development of new scalable approaches to capturing, storing, managing, analysing and visualising large-scale, complex and diverse data from multiple sources. In addition, societal concerns around data provenance, security, trust and accountability will need to be addressed.

The breadth and scale of this priority is significant and probably beyond the capability of any single proposal to cover in its entirety. Addressing this priority will require contributions from many fields of research. Proposals are encouraged to focus on specific aspects of this priority based on expertise within the host institution(s).

Any proposal addressing this priority will provide training in the underpinning mathematical and computer science techniques, as well as aiming to produce individuals with the ability to investigate and exploit the economic and social value of data.