Core mathematics and its interfaces

The contemporary mathematical sciences involve and often require substantial connectivity across sub-fields or links with cognate disciplines; mathematicians consequently need a breadth of perspective and an understanding of the language and concerns of different areas. The Pure Maths Workshop report (2012) highlighted a need to ensure that young researchers have the opportunity to develop a broader understanding of the core mathematics disciplines, enabling a high degree of connectivity.

The focus of this priority is to promote and enhance interactions between core theoretical areas of the mathematical sciences (including, where appropriate, mathematical aspects of other scientific disciplines). The goal is to train students in more than one such area, enabling them to work at the interface, combine techniques from different fields, and contribute to knowledge transfer. Centres for Doctoral Training graduates will be mathematically diverse and able to take advantage of unpredictable developments. They will be equipped with the skills for a range of careers, within and beyond academia.

Proposals should concentrate on one such interface, perhaps multifaceted, or a small number of coherent interfaces. The skills gaps and the need to train a significant number of students across the proposed core areas should be explained.