Computational and theoretical physical sciences

Computational and theoretical physical sciences play an increasingly important role in the development of the Physical sciences. The modelling and simulation of molecular nano- and meso-scopic particles is essential in underpinning the discovery, synthesis and development of new chemicals and materials with novel functionalities such as new catalysts and pharmaceuticals, materials for applications in areas such as energy, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and biomedicine. Therefore Research and training in this area is underpinning to many if not all areas of Physical sciences and Engineering. The area is vital to a wide range of UK industry providing predictive tools for experimental science in sectors such as Energy, Materials and Healthcare. As such this area is vital to a wide range of UK industry. With the increase in computer power now available, computer simulation (and software development) has emerged as the third leg of science alongside theoretical and experimental.

The UK's future prosperity depends on not just the application of these techniques, but also on the continued development of new computational methods. The UK is currently at the forefront of this area, with software developed in this country being used around the world and proposals in this area should reflect this.