Autonomous systems and robotics

This priority area covers training in fundamental skills underpinning the requirements of the autonomous systems and robotics industrial and research capability, and the development of platform combinations of sub disciplines to create flexible self functioning systems.

Proposals should cover specific topics, such as control, computer vision and artificial intelligence, as well as platform integration topics, such as mechatronics, materials, software and electronic engineering. Highly skilled researchers are required to maximise the wide ranging UK strengths & future opportunities of this area, which include surgical and service robotics, manufacturing and the broad applications of autonomous systems within leading UK sectors such as automotive, oil and gas and aerospace and defence.

Proposals should include a cross -sector approach with training in underpinning aspects of autonomous systems research spanning the breadth of Engineering and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Links to users and clients should be tangible & relevant and not confined to a single sector.

Centre based cohort training is essential to develop deep fundamental knowledge of individual aspects of autonomous systems, consider ethical implications and their application to catalyse vital cross sector advancement in the field.