EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Applications

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Organisation: University of Oxford
Tags: CDT, University of Oxford
Related theme: Mathematical sciences

The CDT is focused on Partial Differential Equations (PDEs), which are ubiquitous in many applications of mathematics, where they provide a natural mathematical description of numerous phenomena. The behaviour of many material objects can also be modelled by PDEs or by equations having similar features.

The comprehensive research programme consists of a series of courses ranging in duration from short courses to highlight modern techniques to a 48-hour core course on the Analysis of PDEs. Other components of the research programme include two mini-research projects, reading groups, presentations and seminar series. In years 2-4 the focus will be on a research project. This structure will enable students to learn theory, analysis and applications in a variety of fields in a coherent manner, with a natural progression, by-passing a traditionally separate 'pure' or 'applied' approach to learning. The central aim is to develop outstanding mathematicians who will help drive scientific advances over the next fifty years.