EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics

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Organisation: University of Liverpool
Partner Organisation: University of Bath
Partner Organisation: University of Cambridge
Partner Organisation: Loughborough University
Partner Organisation: University of Oxford
Partner Organisation: University of Sheffield
Partner Organisation: University of Southampton
Tags: CDT, University of Liverpool
Related theme: Energy

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Over the next 30 years the massive expansion of solar electricity is set to continue. The aim of the Centre is to meet the new challenges of growth, affordability and sustainability: Future solar photovoltaic technologies must be competitive enough to withstand market fluctuations, and yet be sustainable in terms of the raw materials and manufacturing methods used. This will demand new approaches, including nanotechnology, low temperature processing and photon engineering coupled with enhancements to emerging thin film and conventional PV device technology. The Centre will train 70 PhDs to become leaders in both research and industry. Led by the Universities of Liverpool and Bath, the training will be closely aligned to existing UK research objectives at the Universities of Bath, Cambridge, Liverpool, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton. There is strong industrial support from BAe Systems, Eight19, Echerkon, LSA Ltd, MSolv, NSG, SiliconCPV, Ossila, Oxford PV, PowerVision, Taylor Hobson.