EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated Tribology

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Organisation: University of Sheffield
Partner Organisation: University of Leeds
Tags: CDT, University of Sheffield
Related theme: Engineering

Tribology is the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion, encompassing friction, wear and lubrication. Tribology is an underpinning science for all moving parts and is at the heart of grand challenges facing the nation; high speed rail, reliable wind farms, reducing energy consumption, ageing population, and fuel efficient aircraft. The subject is multi-disciplinary, involving engineers, chemists and physicists; and also occurs at very different length scales, from atomic level interaction of lubricant molecules to the sliding of large structures over each other. The theme of the CDT is Integrated Tribology – integrated across length scales and scientific disciplines. In the Centre two types of research projects will be tackled; industry focussed research, such as developing fuel efficient auto-lubricants, or wear resistant solutions; and secondly generic themes, such as new fundamental tools for lubrication in extreme environments, or developing new sensor systems.