EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Bioprocess Engineering Leadership

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Organisation: University College London
Tags: CDT, University College London
Related theme: Manufacturing the future

Multidisciplinary life science-engineering interface skills underpin key opportunities for UK economic growth based on knowledge-intensive, high-technology biomanufacture. The UCL IDC in Bioprocess Engineering Leadership addresses recognised skills shortages in this area. It will deliver the next generation of international bioindustry leaders capable of exploiting emerging opportunities in Synthetic Biology and from novel flexible and continuous biomanufacturing technologies. Synthetic Biology, in particular, offers radical new opportunities for the redesign of cellular expression systems and metabolic pathways to facilitate cost-effective and sustainable bio-based manufacture. The graduates will possess a systems level, whole bioprocess vision necessary to design future biomanufacturing processes across the chemical, bio / pharmaceutical and regenerative medicine sectors.