EPSRC provides funding for studentships to universities, the universities then manage the recruitment and selection of students to the research projects. For details on how to apply, eligibility and criteria for selection, you must approach the relevant university. The universities that have been funded can be found via Grants on the web

EPSRC funds studentships to provide the next generation of skilled individuals in the Engineering and Physical Sciences. To be productive and competitive, the UK needs a diverse workforce with the right skills. EPSRC strives to ensure that the doctoral training support it provides continues to enable Higher Education Institutions to provide the skills required by both academia and business into the future and that UK-trained individuals remain globally competitive with high employability.

EPSRC work with our community to train a diverse population of researchers who can work effectively across academia and business. We support around 9,000 doctoral students through three distinct routes: Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) with universities across the breadth of discovery research; Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs), which develop students as part of a multidisciplinary cohort, often working with business and other partners; and Industrial CASE (ICASE) awards, where businesses select university partners and projects. These mechanisms are designed to allow students to carry out high quality research and acquire the relevant skills for their future careers.

As an investor in research and doctoral education, we are committed to attracting the best researchers from a diverse population into research and innovation careers. Unlocking this diverse talent increases our ability to achieve our ambitions in this Delivery Plan and beyond. More detail on the flexibilities and support available for students can be found in the guidance on EPSRC studentships.