You should carefully consider what resource packages you request as part of your fellowship. EPSRC particularly wants to encourage applicants to request resources which will allow them to:

  • Build international research collaborations
  • Move across disciplines and stimulate innovative approaches to collaborative research between and across disciplines
  • Link with the best, either in an academic or industrial settling, for example by spending extended periods of time (up to 12 months) in alternative research environments which are recognised as centres of excellence or by inviting visiting researchers to come and visit. (by requesting T&S where appropriate for family and research team)
  • Maximise their creative potential
  • Engage with stakeholders, including the public
  • Undertake training and skills development

What resources can be included in the fellowship?

The type of resources available is determined by the career stage under which you are applying, for example in the case of post-doctoral awards, staff resources are not allowed. Please refer to the table for examples of the types of resources available. Full details on allowable costs can be found in EPSRC’s funding guide.

The Postdoctoral award provides funding for basic salary and provides for the employers’ contribution towards National Insurance and superannuation. It can also provide additional funding for reasonable consumables and small items of equipment including non-standard computers, software, travel and subsistence expenses (such as visits to collaborators and conferences), and pooled technical effort, all of which must be specifically justified in the supporting case.

For Early Career and Established Career awards applicants may request related costs for the programme of research throughout the fellowship. These may include research staff, technicians, visiting researchers, co-applicants, travel and subsistence, equipment (within the current guidelines) consumables, access to facilities and technical support costs.

Resource Package Postdoctoral Early career Established career
Duration Up to 3 years Up to 5 years Up to 5 years
Salary Up to 100% Up to 100% Up to 100%
Travel and Subsistence Yes Yes Yes
Staff No Yes Yes
Co-investigator No Yes- resources in line with current EPSRC guidance Yes- resources in line with current EPSRC guidance
Visiting Researchers Yes Yes Yes
Equipment Items costing less than £10,000 (incl. VAT), see DI costs under ‘other costs’ Yes- in line with current EPSRC Equipment guidance Yes- in line with current EPSRC Equipment guidance
Consumables Yes Yes Yes
Public Communication Training Yes Yes Yes

Your salary must be included under the Directly Incurred Staff heading. Funds can be requested at your current salary level or the anticipated salary level for the position. The requested salary should be commensurate with the applicant's level of experience, skills and responsibilities that will be undertaken.

Indirect and estates costs related to resources requested should also be included, although these will be calculated for you by your proposed host organisation.

Period of the fellowship

The duration of the fellowship and the proportion of time that can be supported are flexible. Applicants can choose to spend any where between 50 and 100% Full Time Equivalent (FTE) on their fellowship thus allowing the fellow to apply for a level of support that suits them, for example, to allow you to retain some administrative roles within your institution.

The maximum duration, in the first instance, for Early Career and Established Career awards is 5 years (60 months at 100% FTE,) and the maximum duration for post-doctoral stage awards is 3 years (36 months at 100% FTE). The fellowship may be longer than this if held part-time, the maximum duration for Early Career and Established Career is 10 years (held for 120 months at 50% FTE) and for postdoctoral stage awards it is 6 years (72 months at 50%).

While there is a maximum duration, we welcome shorter fellowships that allow fellows the freedom to initially explore new research avenues.

Family Friendly Features

Where a fellow is ordinarily employed part time their EPSRC fellowship may be held part-time at a minimum level of 50% and their fellowship will be extended accordingly (pro-rata), for example 120 months at 50% FTE. Where a fellow is employed full time but does not spend 100% of their time on their fellowship, the fellowship duration will not be pro-rated. Requests to hold a fellowship below the minimum level of 50% will be considered on a case by case basis.

Where a fellow changes their conditions of employment to work part time during the fellowship, it can be converted to a part time award, at a minimum of 50% FTE, during the course of the Fellowship.  This can be achieved through a no-cost extension and requested through Je-S via Grant Maintenance.  If the pro-rated extension is for longer than 12 months please contact the relevant fellowship contact or the fellowships inbox who will be able to put a note on your grant to ensure the extension is approved.  Further information about the process can be found here.

Care costs over and above your usual costs can be requested as detailed here.


Relocation costs for named staff can be requested under the 'Travel and Subsistence' subheading of 'Directly Incurred Costs' detailed here.  Un-named staff relocation costs can be requested in the Indirect Cost element of the grant, detailed here.