Application and peer review process

There are no deadlines for the new fellowship scheme, proposals can be submitted at any time and will be processed on a rolling basis, although there are recommended time frames in which to submit in order for the application to be considered at the next panel (see panel diagram).  Applicants should apply when they are ready to submit.

Applicants can put any date within a year of their submission as their start date, please consider the estimated processing time for applications and keep in mind any external factors that may have an effect on you starting your research.  The requested start date must suit you, however, there is some flexibility should you experience delays

Expert peer review and prioritisation panels.

Full proposals will be sent out to expert peer review and will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Research Quality (Primary criterion)
  • The Applicant (including qualities and experience) (Secondary criterion)
  • Importance (Secondary major criterion)
  • Research Environment (Secondary criterion)
  • Impact (Secondary criterion)
  • Resources and Management (Secondary criterion)
  • Fit to Strategic Priorities (Secondary criterion)

Full descriptions of these assessment criteria can be found here and descriptions related to Career Stage can be found here.  If the reviews are sufficiently supportive, the proposal will go on to the prioritisation panel stage, and you will have the opportunity to respond to reviewers’ comments. If the reviews are not supportive, the proposal will be rejected at this point and you will be sent copies of the reviewers’ forms as feedback.

Fellowship applicants will be prioritised at some of our standard-grant panel meetings, this usually occurs two or three times a year dependent on the theme your proposal goes to (see panel diagram). However we cannot guarantee that proposals will go to a specific panel meeting due to variations in the time it takes to secure a sufficient number of reviewers' report. Please allow enough time for postal peer review stage which can take a minimum of four months.

The prioritisation panel meeting assesses primarily the quality of the science, however all criteria will be assessed. The final decision as to which panel meeting a proposal is assessed at rests with EPSRC.

At the prioritisation panel applicants will be shortlisted for interview.

Interview Panel

Interview panel meetings will take place no sooner than six weeks following the prioritisation panels when there are an appropriate number of proposals to hold an Interview panel.  The fellowship contact for the theme may be able to provide more specific information about interview dates to allow you to forward plan.  At the interview stage, an interview panel will assess primarily the qualities of the applicant with reference to the Person Specification, however all criteria may be assessed.

The interview will take place at the Research Councils’ offices in Swindon, UK. EPSRC does not expect to pay for travel expenses and it is expected that you approach your department or institution in the first instance. Please contact the appropriate EPSRC fellowship contact for more information if necessary.

Applicants whose proposal is considered at a prioritisation panel will be informed of the outcome within 15 working days of the panel. They will be invited to the next interview panel should space be available and they will be invited once the date for this has been confirmed.