Overview of EPSRC's Fellowship Scheme

EPSRC fellowships support talented and ambitious researchers to deliver research excellence and lead our research base in the evolution of a modern working culture.

Our fellowships provide applicants with the flexibility and freedom to design a package that fits their career ambitions, research needs and personal development requirements.

An EPSRC fellowship can focus on discovery science, innovation, instrumentation/technique development or software engineering, or a combination of these. Applications for Open Fellowships can be across any topic in the EPSRC portfolio. Post-doctoral opportunities vary across our themes as detailed within the applicant guidance document. We will also run calls that can be found on our fellowship opportunities page.

The difference between a Research Grant and a Fellowship


Research Grants

Personal award For a Principal Investigator with option for one or more Co-Investigators
Can be applied for without holding an academic position Investigators must be academic employees (lecturer or equivalent) of an eligible organisation
Institutions are required to offer a high level of support to fellows (e.g. provision of additional staff for research group, enhanced training and support, reduction in other academic duties etc) Institutions may or may not offer additional support (e.g. doctoral students, additional funding etc)
Allows for personal development to expand current role and responsibilities and enhance leadership Normally focussed on research deliverables
Flexibility to undertake training
Fellows are expected to act as ambassadors and advocates of their research area
Flexibility to allocate time to drive research culture change in non-technical areas
Significant time commitment (50%+) Grant contributes to the investigators’ salaries but it’s not usually 100%
Can reduce other responsibilities for fellow within their host institution (e.g. teaching and administration) Investigators named on research grants usually have other administrative loads within their institutions
Provides flexibility for fellow to transfer award to another institution Grant is bound to the recipient institution