Obligations of the host organisation

Expectations of the Host Research Organisation

It is expected that eligible Research Organisations (see the UK Research and Innovation page on eligible Organisations) who wish to submit fellowship proposals to EPSRC will identify a number of suitable candidates as specified by the guidelines and within the defined research area and career stage. Research Organisations should only put forward the most able applicants.

Please see the Statement of Expectations for Research Fellowships and Future Leaders on the UK Research and Innovation website for a full description of the roles of the Research Organisations, the Fellows and the Research Council.

Research Organisations are expected to:

  • Ensure that proposals are aligned to a fellowship priority area
  • Assist applicants to identify how they fit to the person specifications
  • Ensure that applicants have selected the most appropriate resource packages for their career stage and intended project

In the case of applicants not holding an academic position, the host organisation must be prepared to give the individual all the support normal for an academic member of staff and put in place appropriate mentoring mechanisms to enable them transition to an academic position.

There will be an expected level of support that the Research Organisation would provide to its successful fellowship applicants, for example infrastructure, laboratory and office space, release from teaching and administrative duties, mentoring and equipment where appropriate.

Research Organisations may wish to show their commitment to applicants through additional support and resources. For example, provide a PhD student should the applicant be successful. For applicants without suitable supervisory experience, a PhD student should only be provided with the co-supervision of a mentor or other suitable senior academic.

Host Organisation Statement

The Head of Department (through consultation with colleagues as appropriate) at the host organisation must complete a statement (two sides A4) in support of the proposal. The statement should be on Departmental or University headed paper, should be dated, and should clearly state the position held by the author (for example, Head of Department of Electrical Engineering and so on).

The statement must include details of the following considerations:

  • The process that the host institution has used in order to identify which applicants it would be entering into the competition, why the applicant in particular has been chosen and why the career stage for that applicant has been selected
  • The statement should identify the key characteristics and skills that the applicant has, which the institution feels highlights the applicant’s ability to succeed as an EPSRC fellow
  • How the institution feels that the applicant fits to the various aspects of the person specification
  • The level of support that the host institution will be giving the applicant both as a standard career development package that is open to all staff and additional support as part of the institution’s backing of their applicant to be successful in the competition

In the spirit of openness and flexibility EPSRC will not be initially setting quotas for the number of proposals that can be submitted by an organisation over time. However EPSRC will be monitoring the number and quality of proposals received from institutions across the career stages and the priority research areas and it reserves the right to discuss ongoing submission behaviour with individual institutions and enforce a quota if necessary.

Transfer of Fellowships

If a request is made to transfer a fellowship to another eligible host organisation (only UK HEIs), the following will apply:

  • The fellowship will be transferred at the original value: re-costing will not be allowed
  • The new Host Organisation will be required to provide a statement agreeing to honour the full range of support originally offered the fellow and the rationale for accepting the transfer.  This should be written on departmental or University headed paper.
  • The original Host Organisation will be required to provide a statement agreeing to the fellowship being moved.  This should be written on departmental or University headed paper.