Digital Manufacturing (Early and Established Career)

Digital manufacturing optimises the design process, allows for simulation and visualisation of processes and enables fast and responsive control and connectivity of manufacturing systems and their supply chains.

This can be achieved through the integration of computer based systems and capturing emerging capabilities from the information and communication technologies research base.

Intelligent factories will be characterised by IT-driven production that is highly automated, and in some cases completely autonomous.

To align with this priority area the proposed research must be set in a manufacturing context.  If you are unsure about the alignment of your research please contact EPSRC to discuss.

Possible research topics include but are not limited to:

  • Design and manufacture in augmented or virtual realities
  • In process monitoring and control
  • Flexible and reconfigurable factories
  • Autonomous manufacturing
  • Industrial internet of things
  • Human augmentation and human/robot collaboration
  • Big data (and cyber security)
  • Accelerated design-make-test cycle
  • Digitisation and integration of supply chains
  • Intelligent integration & application of intelligent products (c.f. internet of things)