21st Century Products (Early and Established Career)

Certain products will define the 21st Century. Such products might be ‘smart’ and/or multi-functional or they might enable or enhance our well-being. Products that are unimaginable today may be enabled by new technologies, e.g., quantum technologies, or they could come from new and advanced materials that are then incorporated into components.

Research efforts will generate a suite of flexible tools that enable the manufacturing process to be integrated in the discovery, design and development of these new products, allowing for rapid prototyping with scale-up capability embedded.

To align with this priority area the proposed research must be set in a manufacturing context.  If you are unsure about the alignment of your research please contact EPSRC to discuss.

Possible research topics include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing of quantum-inspired products
  • Products that embrace/exploit the laws of nature (no batteries required).
  • Manufacturing biological or medical products e.g.
    • Body part replacement and enhancement.
    • Medical devices for diagnostics or treatment.
  • Materials manufacture
    • Ultra-light, ultra-strong materials
    • Metamaterials
    • Smart coatings
    • Manufacturing with reduced materials pallet (functionality through control of structure not materials)
    • Nature-inspired material manufacturing (growing products / biomimetic products)
  • Bespoke manufacturing