Advanced materials engineering (early and established career stages)

Advanced materials are instrumental to the development of multiple industrial sectors that have the potential to generate long-term economic growth and jobs for the UK. The importance of this field of research has been recognised through recent strategic investments in infrastructure and skills, as well as EPSRC’s Fellowship for Growth call in late 2013, which recognised a number of leading academics who are building UK leadership in advanced materials engineering. Building on these successes, EPSRC encourages Fellowship applications to undertake adventurous engineering research aimed at:

  1. reducing lead times to product development through greater understanding of materials properties and processing challenges; and/or
  2. the sustainable design and use, re-use, reduction and/or replacement of materials in existing and new products.

Applications are welcome across the breadth of materials engineering – including theoretical studies, modelling and simulation – provided that they fall within the scope specified above and add value to EPSRC’s existing portfolio of research.

We particularly wish to encourage applications focussed on the understanding, modelling and processing of metals and alloys, and/or applications that have been co-created with users of research to address targeted applications or societal challenges. Candidates are encouraged to use the flexibility within the Fellowship framework to provide exposure to the requirements of, and develop connections with, user organisations.

Other Fellowship priority areas relevant to advanced materials

If you are thinking of applying for a Fellowship and your research does not fit this priority area you might consider applications under a related priority area:

  • For postdoctoral, early and established career researchers, the Engineering theme has Fellowship opportunities in relation to the Engineering Global Grand Challenges for Sustainability and Resilience.
  • For early and established career researchers, the Physical sciences theme has Fellowship opportunities in relation to two Grand Challenges that incorporate aspects of materials research: Chemical Sciences and Engineering, and Physics.
  • For early career researchers these include:
    • Graphene and Carbon-based Nano Materials
    • Functional Ceramics and Inorganics
    • Materials for Energy Applications
    • Materials Manufacturing

For further information please get in touch with your relevant EPSRC contact.