Energy Fellowship Priority Areas

Future Electricity Generation (Postdoctoral)

This priority area focuses on the challenges of electricity generation in the context of the UK 2020 and 2050 carbon commitments. We welcome applications concerned with understanding, improving and/or monitoring ways of producing electricity in a clean and sustainable way. This includes both renewable and nuclear power sources. Proposals considering issues around energy transport and storage in this context will also be considered. We recognise the importance of the electricity generation mix in order to achieve these ambitious goals and thus we would like our communities to bear a whole systems approach in mind when developing their proposals.

Energy for Transport (Postdoctoral)

In the context of the UK clean growth strategy, the UK must reduce current emissions from transport sources by 30% by 2032 and by 80% by 2050. It is clear that this challenge will require action in different forefronts, including increasing the efficiency of heavy good vehicles, modernising the aviation, rail and shipping sectors and incorporating alternative fuels into the mix. Applications in the Engineering and Physical Sciences space concerned with understanding, improving and/or monitoring ways of aiding and decarbonising the UK transport system are welcome under this challenge. This area also welcomes applications focusing on alternative fuels and storage of energy for transport purposes, as well as those focused on ways of reducing the impact of the transport emissions.

Energy for Heat (Postdoctoral)

Over a third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions originate from the production or removal of heat. Meeting the UK’s emission commitments by 2050 will require a significant decarbonisation of heat from buildings, industrial processes and other sectors. To support underpinning technologies that help achieve this challenge, we welcome applications looking at ways of decarbonising heating and cooling, in terms of enhancing efficiency, improving and understanding heat production, use and extraction, heat storage and alternative ways for heat generation and extraction.

Energy for Industry (Postdoctoral)

Decarbonising and increasing the energy efficiency of UK industries will be key to meeting climate change commitments. In line with the UK government’s proposed plan to support the development, commercialisation and deployment of technologies to address the industrial emission and efficiency challenges, this priority area welcomes proposals concerned with research to underpin and develop the technologies necessary to secure this pathway. We would like to encourage our communities to think creatively around how to address this challenge, which includes energy use and efficiency, but also innovative ways of producing, storing and reutilising energy within industry. Additionally, proposals concerned with ways of reducing the impact of industrial emissions will also be considered.

David Clarke Fellowship (Postdoctoral)

The David Clarke Fellowship is co-funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) and Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC). Each year at least one fellowship will be awarded.

Applications are invited from researchers applying to post-doctoral fellowships in one of the Energy priority areas. Applicants should meet the specifications for a person at post-doctoral stage and criteria defined for this fellowship. The fellows will benefit from a mentor and will meet annually with a dedicated Advisory group.

Further criteria and benefits of the fellowship can be found at the resources section of this page.

Early and Established Career

Fellowship applications are welcome across the Energy theme.