A Fellowship is a personal award, designed to provide the recipient with the necessary support to establish or further develop themselves as a leader of the future. This type of award enables you to devote most of your time to a program of activities to deliver your proposed research vision. An EPSRC Fellowship is aimed to position yourself and your research topic within the wider academic field, to develop your leadership by establishing or extending your research group, and to act as an advocate for the STEM disciplines in general and EPSRC specifically.

Three step guide to start your Fellowship application

  • Competency profile: determine, with help from your university’s research office, your competency profile and therefore to which career stage you should apply against. Please see the EPSRC Fellowship person specification.
  • Fellowship Priority Areas: look at which priority areas within the Capability and Challenge Themes are open for applications and at what career stage.
  • How to apply: carefully read the guidance on the documents required on our fellowship webpages, the funding guide and general instructions on writing proposals.