UK National Quantum Technologies Programme Strategic Advisory Board Meeting March 2015

17-Apr-2015 - Note of the Strategic Advisory Board Meeting held in March 2015.

Engineering Strategic Advisory Team meeting February 2017

10-Mar-2017 - The 19th meeting of the Engineering Strategic Advisory Team.

Council meeting May 2012

16-May-2012 - Information from the May 2012 meeting of Council.

Council meeting May 2011

18-May-2011 - Agenda and minutes of the Council Meeting held on 18 May 2011.

Council meeting October 2015

08-Jun-2015 - Information relating to the October 2015 meeting of Council.

UK ICT Pioneers Awards reception and research exhibition

28-Jan-2011 - The UK ICT Pioneers competition, sponsored by industry, aims to recognise the most exceptional UK PhD students in ICT -related topics who can innovatively demonstrate the exploitation potential of their research.

ICT Strategic Advisory Team Meeting August 2015

25-Aug-2015 - Information from the ICT Strategic Advisory Team Meeting held in August 2015.

Manufacturing the Future Strategic Advisory Team Meeting September 2015

08-Dec-2015 - Information for the twelth meeting of the  Manufacturing the Future  Strategic Advisory Team.

Regional sessions for researchers in ICT - University of Strathclyde

05-Oct-2012 -

Healthcare Technologies Strategic Advisory Board meeting June 2017

14-Jun-2017 - Agenda and notes of the Healthcare Technologies Strategic Advisory Team Meeting in June 2017.