Council meeting March 2014

14 May 2014 - Information from the March 2014 meeting of Council.

Council meeting December 2005

14 Dec 2005 - Note, agenda and minutes of the Council Meeting held in December 2005.

BRIC phase 2 first call workshop

4 Mar 2010 - Workshop for potential applicants of £10 million new funding for research with impact - making medicines of the future.

Navigating Regulatory Requirements for Redistributed Manufacturing in Healthcare

2 Sep 2016 - On 14 October 2016 one of the funded initiatives, the RDM in Healthcare Research Network is due to host an event on regulations. The aim of the event will be to review and advance the understanding of regulatory requirements affecting distributed models of manufacturing in healthcare.

Healthcare Technologies Strategic Advisory team meeting February 2017

15 Jun 2017 - Agenda and notes of the Healthcare Technologies Strategic Advisory Team Meeting in February 2017.

ICT Strategic Advisory Team meeting November 2012

12 Nov 2012 - Note, agenda and minutes of the Strategic Advisory Team Meeting held in May 2012.

Physical sciences Strategic Advisory Team meeting April 2010

9 Apr 2010 - Note, agenda and minutes of the Strategic Advisory Team Meeting held in April 2010.

Physical Sciences Strategic Advisory Team meeting September 2015

15 Sep 2015 - Agenda and meeting notes for the 19th meeting of Physical Sciences Strategic Advisory Team, held on 21 September 2015.

ARCHER 2 Town Hall Meeting

5 Jul 2017 - You may be aware that the ARCHER High Performance Computing (HPC) service is due for renewal in 2018/19. We are initiating a project to scope and design the successor to the ARCHER machine, and invite interested parties to inform us of their interest in attending a Town Hall meeting on 12 July 2017 in London.