Over the last five years EPSRC has invested approximately £9 million per annum in software. This has covered the spectrum from new algorithm development at the leading edge of research applications through software development to code maintenance. It also includes training, and community support activities, such as networking. The current portfolio of activities has supported a thriving community of computational scientists who are recognised internationally.

Existing investments in software

Previous investments in software

Software as an Infrastructure

The large suite of codes used across all areas of research needs to be regarded as a research infrastructure in its own right, requiring support and maintenance along the innovation chain, and throughout its lifecycle. EPSRC, with the assistance of the community, has developed a strategy for investing in software, ensuring that our funding (current and future) adds value to the complex and evolving e-infrastructure eco-system and supports the needs and requirements of the Engineering and Physical Sciences community.

The Software as an Infrastructure strategy and the associated action plan, which describes plans for future activities in software development, can be found below.

Software for the Future Community Workshop – 31 May 2012

The workshop was run in two parts and had two aims:

  • To map the current UK activities in software
  • To determine the needs for support for software in the future. Given this dual aim, the workshop was run in two parts.

The morning session was dedicated to discussion of the activities that are currently taking place in software and attempting to work out how they linked with each other.  Attendees were invited because they had current funding from EPSRC or were involved in activities supported by other funders.

The afternoon session was attended by those from the morning and a selection of people based on applications submitted to a call for participants. Those chosen for the afternoon aimed to be representative of the broad community in terms of expertise, applications and techniques.