ARCHER management structure

ARCHER (Academic Research Computing High End Resource), the next-generation national high performance computing service, started in December 2013.

The management structure for the ARCHER service is composed of three main bodies:

The aim of the management structure is to ensure that the benefits outlined in the business and scientific case for ARCHER are realised and that the strategic and scientific direction of the service aligns with the expectations and requirements of the research community.

The management groups will also have to monitor the performance of the service to ensure that contracted service levels are achieved and that other agreed targets are met.

Frequency of meetings

The projected frequency of meetings for each of the management bodies is detailed below. Additional meetings or teleconferences may be convened as necessary.

Key dates

Management body Meeting frequency
ARCHER Scientific Advisory Committee Once every 4-6 months
ARCHER Strategic Management Board Once every 3 months

The ARCHER Scientific Advisory Committee will meet prior to the ARCHER Strategic Management Board.