Strategic Management Board


The ARCHER Strategic Management Board (SMB) acts as a management body for the ARCHER service. As such it ensures that the service performs at the highest level and strives for continuous improvement in the best interests of the Research Council partners (EPSRC and NERC) and their users.


  • To ensure that the ARCHER service is operated without bias and in the best interests of the UK research base and the partner research councils
  • To take ownership, review and actively manage the operational risks for the ARCHER service;
  • To monitor and evaluate contractual Service Levels
  • To ensure that recommendations from Gateway Review 4 (readiness for service) and 5 (benefits realisation) are actioned
  • To review and act upon recommendations for operational and policy changes from the user base through the SAC.

Membership and Composition

In order to achieve the above objectives it is necessary to ensure that the inputs of research council, user and contractual stakeholders are secured. The following composition is proposed:

Membership Name
Chairperson (EPSRC) Susan Morrell
ARCHER service manager (secretary) Michele Erat
ARCHER contract manager Edward Clarke
NERC service representative Andy Parsons / Frances Collingborn 
Hardware representative (Cray) Fiona Burgess
Service director (UoE HPCx Ltd) Arthur Trew
Chair or vice-chair SAC Hans Fangohr
Independent compute resource provider Clare Gryce
Procurement representative Laura McGuinness