Statement of need panel outcome - 2016

EPSRC supports a range of mid-range facilities which provide resources of limited availability to the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences research community. As part of an annual process to refresh and renew the mid-range facility portfolio, in May 2015 communities were invited to submit statements of need for new facilities and currently supported facilities with contracts expiring in the near future.

Following the prioritisation panel for these statements of need on 16 December 2015, EPSRC is exploring the possibility of supporting the following types of facilities.

The following types of facilities were prioritised:

  • ARTFUL: Advanced infraRedTeraherz Facilities for Users of Lasers
  • Multiscale and in situ X-Ray Computed Tomography
  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Service

Further information from the prioritised statements of need is now available.

The next call for statements of need will open in spring 2017.

Prioritisation panel

  • Professor Andrew Harrison - CEO, Diamond Light Source (Chair)
  • Professor David Bird - University of Bath
  • Professor Bruce Drinkwater - University of Bristol
  • Dr Christopher Wright - Swansea University
  • Professor Rob Hardeman - Seagate Technology
  • Professor Gerard Parr - University of Ulster
  • Professor Andy Evans - Aberystwyth University
  • Dr Lene Hviid - Shell