Statement of need panel outcome - January 2015

EPSRC supports a range of mid-range facilities which provide resources of limited availability to the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences research community. In July 2014, communities were invited to submit statements of need for new facilities and currently supported facilities with contracts expiring in the near future.

Following the prioritisation panel for these statements of need on 28 January, EPSRC is exploring the possibilities of supporting the following types of facilities:

  • X-ray crystallography
  • Aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy
  • Engineering instrument pool
  • Ion beam and gamma ray facility
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance
  • Semiconductor epitaxy
  • Subscription to the European Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • IR/THz FEL

The next call for statements of need will open in early summer 2015.

Prioritisation panel:

  • Professor Mark Spearing, University of Southampton (chair)
  • Professor David Bird, University of Bath
  • Professor Neil Alford, Imperial College London
  • Dr John Bagshaw, BAE Systems
  • Professor Andrew Harrison, CEO Diamond Lightsource
  • Professor David Hogg, University of Leeds
  • Professor Karen Holford, Cardiff University
  • Dr Richard Seabrook, The Wellcome Trust Ltd
  • Professor Paul Attfield, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr David Lennon, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Wayne Hayes, University of Reading