The mid-range facilities process 2009 - 2014


Traditionally, EPSRC has funded mid-range facilities in a variety of ways. In order to ensure a more consistent approach, in 2008 EPSRC reviewed its support to mid-range facilities. The initial step was to determine which facilities UK scientists needed to support their research.

In July 2009, EPSRC used a cross-disciplinary panel to assess which mid-range facilities were most needed by the UK engineering and physical sciences research community. The panel were asked to prioritise facilities based on statements of need that were submitted by members of the UK community. The outcome of this exercise informed EPSRC on the priorities for mid-range facility support. More details on the outcome can be found on the Mid-range facilities review consultation - outcome page.

Facility providers were determined through an open tendering process and successful bidders were generally awarded five year contracts. For budget reasons and to enable continuity of services, start dates of these facilities were staggered over several years. From 2014 onwards, a new, recurrent mechanism for mid-range facilities funding has been put in place.