Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy Roadmap

(Please note: the numbers in brackets in the text below, refer to the documents in the "Resources" section of this page.)

EPSRC commissioned and published an NMR roadmap in 2012-13 for the physical sciences (1, 2). This report then formed part of a more expansive roadmap that looked across the whole NMR landscape to include the life sciences (PDF) and formed a submission in 2015 into the BEIS/Treasury capital consultation.

In 2017 a further update of the current state and availability of NMR infrastructure for the life and physical sciences in the UK (3) was published and discussed at a Town Hall meeting on 24 February 2017. This infrastructure report reaffirmed that the directions of travel and requirements laid out in the original physical and life science NMR roadmap statements still remained highly relevant.