Researchers across EPSRC's remit require access to world-leading research equipment and facilities, in order to build a world-class research portfolio. This infrastructure, which underpins EPSRC's Delivery plan themes, ranges from lab-based equipment to international facilities.

The Research infrastructure theme focuses on ensuring the right infrastructure is available to EPSRC-sponsored researchers at the right time in the most economic way possible. There will be a strong focus on managing existing investments and coordinating their use to maximise benefits, by being more proactive in the use of governance bodies such as steering committees, and the use of stage-gating.

A key element of this theme is to determine researchers' requirements for all types of research infrastructure across the breadth of EPSRC's remit. This also requires working with other Research Councils who may fund or co-fund a facility in partnership with EPSRC. For large-scale facilities, international partnerships are also common and we need to take account of and engage with international developments, particularly in Europe.