Strategic Advisory Board

This group focuses on the strategy for the National Quantum Technologies Programme, particularly the longer-term direction of this area and how those investments and interventions already made are contributing to the delivery of strategy.

The terms of reference of the Strategic Advisory Board are to:

  • Provide a visible focus for quantum technologies in the UK
  • Act as coordinating body for UK interests in the rapidly developing field of quantum technologies
  • Have oversight of the National UK Quantum Technologies Programme
  • Oversee and provide advice on the effectiveness of efforts to develop a leading quantum technologies industry "sector" in the UK
  • Develop the strategy for quantum technologies in the UK for the longer term


The Board will comprise a maximum of 12 members including:

  • A senior-level independent chair with credibility for strategic thinking with academia, industry and government
  • Senior representatives drawn equally from business and academia, including international representation, who have a clear interest in the effective delivery of a national strategy for quantum technologies
  • Representatives from EPSRC and Innovate UK
  • A maximum of two representatives from the Quantum Technologies Hubs
  • A balance of perspectives from across the themes within quantum technologies.

The board will have a rolling membership (not including EPSRC and Innovate UK representatives).

The Strategic Advisory Board will meet three times per year.