Physical sciences investigator-led prioritisation panels

Standard Research Funding

The physical sciences theme supports investigator-led research via standard research funding. This mechanism is very flexible, enabling the principal investigator to apply for the appropriate length of funding required for a wide range of activities, from research projects, feasibility studies, instrument development, equipment, travel and collaboration to longer-term funding to develop or maintain critical mass. We particularly want to encourage ambitious, high-risk, high-return research proposals at the cutting edge to develop new concepts or techniques. This funding mechanism is open all year round with no closing dates. Please contact us if you are planning to submit a proposal for more than £1.5 million.

Standard Mode Prioritisation Panels

The physical sciences theme convenes eight standard mode prioritisation panels per year which judge the relative quality of research proposals competing for funding. The panels are responsible for placing the proposals before it in a funding priority order. From September 2016, chemistry, materials and physics proposals have been prioritised in a single panel by panel members from across the breadth of the physical sciences community.

New Investigator Award

New Investigator Awards are assessed in competition with proposals from other schemes on separate lists at each panel meeting, reflecting the importance we place on supporting early career researchers.

Programme Grants

Programme grants are a flexible mechanism to provide funding to world-leading research groups to address significant research challenges. Programme grants are appropriate for proposals intended to support a suite of related research activities focusing on one strategic theme.

To apply for a programme grant, you first need to submit a pre-outline. For details on the programme grant scheme, panel dates and proposal submission please visit the programme grant section of the website.

If you are considering submitting a proposal of this type you must speak to a relevant programme grant contact.

Update on single panels

In September 2016, the EPSRC Physical Sciences Theme transitioned from convening three concurrent physics, chemistry and materials prioritisation panels to convening a single panel for all standard research, new investigator awards and fellowship applications.

This single panel mechanism has reduced delays in funding decisions for applicants. It has also brought the Theme in line with the other EPSRC Themes' processes.