Early Career Forum

Mathematical Sciences Early Career Forum Membership

The Mathematical Sciences Early Career Forum was established in 2014 as a way for EPSRC to interact with researchers in the early stages of their career in order to share information on EPSRC policy and process. The forum is also an opportunity for early career researchers to network with colleagues from across the country, interact with senior academics that have a strong connection to EPSRC and to discuss future EPSRC strategy related to the Mathematical Sciences.

The aims of the forum are as follows:

  • To develop early career researchers understanding of EPSRC, including strategic priorities and funding mechanisms
  • To act as an informal advisory stream regarding EPSRC's Mathematical Sciences strategy, allowing early career mathematical scientists the opportunity to develop strategic influence and communication skills
  • To identify and support future research leaders in the Mathematical Sciences
  • To develop relationships with early career researchers who will become future advocates for EPSRC.

Current members of the forum are:

Sean McGinty

University of Glasgow

Jason Laurie

Aston University

Christopher Nemeth

Lancaster University

Fabian Spill

University of Birmingham

Marc Goodfellow

University of Exeter

Rachel Newton

University of Reading

Tobias Grafke

Warwick University

Mirela Domijan

Liverpool University

Claire McIlroy

University of Lincoln

Ewelina Zatorska

Imperial College London

Alan Matthew Thompson

Loughborough University

Daniel Loughran

University of Bath

Anthea Monod

Imperial College London

Kaustubh Adhikari

The Open University


Quotes from our members

“Being a member of the Maths ECF has been an excellent experience. It really showcases the willingness of EPSRC to listen to input from all involved and is a chance for early career academics to not only be informed about but actually contribute to shaping EPSRC initiatives. Additionally, it is a good opportunity to make connections to colleagues that you would not otherwise cross paths with.” 

Tobias Grafke, Current ECF Member

“It was useful to hear directly from the EPSRC on a number of issues and it gave me broader appreciation and context for what they do. It was also beneficial to meet many of the other members. We were a varied group, both geographically and academically, and I enjoyed getting to know everyone and sharing our different perspectives. The staff who I met during this period were very helpful and friendly and the experience made me feel more connected to the EPSRC on a number of levels.”

Jonathan Fraser, Former ECF Member

There will be opportunities to join the forum annually through a call for expressions of interest.

Please contact Nishtha.Agarwal@epsrc.ukri.org or Maths@epsrc.ukri.org for further information.