Review of Complexity Science as an EPSRC Research Area

EPSRC has instigated a review into complexity science as a research area. By investigating our own data and consulting with the community, a scoping workshop was held on 25 April 2017. A number of experts were invited from a broad range of research disciplines that relate to Complexity Science to discuss the following:

  • Understand which major research challenges demand complexity science to be successfully tackled.
  • Define all stakeholder constituencies in order to involve them in the review.
  • Start thinking about how complexity science is best supported going forward and what work needs to be done to be able to answer this question.
  • Start thinking about how and when to involve the wider community in the review.

An agreed summary of this report from the scoping workshop is available from the "Resources" section of this page.

We are now inviting input from the wider research community regarding key outcomes from the report via an open consultation. The closing date for submissions, using the online form below, is 22 October 2017.